Peter Thorpe
Design and Illustration since 1976
Editorial and Advertising Art for Print and Web. Specialities: Book Covers, Illustration, Graphic Design, Fine Art.
Ditch Rider art
Firefly and Dragonfly logos
Hillerman Covers
Hillerman Covers
Children's Books
Children's Books
Web Sites
Julia Meade
The Life and Films of David Manners
Pauline Baynes
Bighead Moon Stories
Peter Thorpe Design and Illustration
Peter Thorpe Design 85 W Walnut Street #302, Asheville, NC USA 28801
original Peloponnese olive oil label
El Guapo y Los Reyes Del Desierto art
A Canticle for Leibowitz art
Label art for Peloponnese products
Cover art for El Guapo y Los Reyes
Del Desierto
Cover art for A Canticle for Lebowitz
(Harper & Row)
Slickrock art
Hotshots art
Cover art for Slickrock (St. Martin's Press)
Cover art for Hotshots (HarperCollins)
Ditchrider art
Secret Missions art
Cover art for Ditchrider (HarperCollins)
Cover art for Secret Missions (HarperCollins)

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